Monday 23 February 2009

Who gives an Oscar?

Anyone being paying any attention to the Oscars’ results that are littered over every news’ website and paper this morning? I have been purposefully and perhaps a little stubbornly, ignoring it all.

I don’t care whether Slumdog cleaned up on 7 out of 8 awards that it was nominated for, or that Kate Winslet finally won an Oscar…

And here’s why…

I couldn’t see any of the films that won, even if I wanted to, because movie subtitling is still so rubbish!

A quick look at the Now Showing section of and it’s easy to see how impossible it is for deaf people to add to their film resume – for instance, at the cinema nearest me I can see um… absolutely nothing at all. Last week I could have seen Revolutionary Road at 5.10pm – except realistically I couldn’t as I have a job and taking holiday to see a movie is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

In all fairness there are Sunday showings of movies – 2 weeks ago they screened The Secret Of Moonacre and 3 weeks ago they showed the Oscar winner itself, Slumdog Millionaire… once, at 2.30pm.

How great is that? One subtitled showing of a movie acclaimed by all.

Anyway, being girly and um…


…into predictable, romantic chick flicks, I’d really like to see Confessions Of A Shopaholic, and I was excited to find that it’s showing at another, slightly less local, cinema at 3.15 and 5.45 on Tuesday 24 Feb – that’s tomorrow and oop, surprise surprise, I am at work!

Gingerbread Man once commented that I moan about the same things over and over in this blog and it’s always the same story – but that’s part of the point. It is always the same story – nothing is changing or getting better when it comes to visiting the cinema and being deaf.

So, I am off to pen a polite-ish email to the Bigwigs and ask them what they’re going to do about it!

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Anonymous said...

If you fancy seeing Noises Off I can do you a comp. There's a choice of 2 different Saturday afternoons and 2 locations. It would involve a trip to deepest darkest Wales though. My little bro is too busy sailing or skiing or climbing to make it to this one, it's a shame to waste free tickets.

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