Tuesday 3 February 2009

These are a few of my favourite things…

If I am honest, I do quite like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens – I mean a whiskerless kitten would be kinda weird – but they aren’t on my favourite things list.

Daffodils however, are! And I saw my first bunches for sale today when I slid out at lunchtime and found myself beaming at the sight of them. They really are the most smile-inducing flower in the world. I mean, there are carnations – which make me think of garages, gerberas – which just don’t look real, roses – which to be honest I find a bit scary, and orchids – which are just waaaay too high maintenance.

But daffodils – well there’s just something right about them. They’ve got a sunny disposition and simple attraction that other flowers just don’t have. It’s like they’re happy being the underdog of the flower world, as the bloom that costs the least in Tesco Express and would never find itself in a wedding bouquet.

Anyway, is anyone else missing the snow? I mean I know it’s still here, but it’s grey and slushy and downright nasty now. I want the white fluffy stuff back that made my car look like an iced Christmas cake and stopped London transport working! And I want a mountain in south-west London so that next time it snows I can get a bit of skiing in.

When I woke up this morning I was praying for all of the above, but instead, I got the subtitles on BBC Breakfast informing there was going to be destruction on the buses today. Quite alarmed I looked at SuperCathyFragileMystic, who’s staying with me right now, and she burst out laughing.

Turns out it was disruption on the buses – which there was – and people were so desperate to get on board, there was almost some destruction, too!

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