Friday, 22 January 2010

Big Bro's visit

Whoop! Today is Thankful Friday and I am incredibly thankful that my No-Snow Dance seems to have worked and therefore hopefully Big Bro should arrive in London today!

I am ridiculously happy about this as I haven't seen him since August, and he's yet to see my new flat either.

Now I just have to count down the hours until I meet him at Heathrow, hope that 40 people don't suddenly want his flight – he's on standby and there are currently that many free seats – and keep my fingers crossed that a freak weather front doesn't suddenly surround the UK.

Positive thinking... I think.

I am also thankful for the fact that I've finally claimed my prize for being the Ultimate Summer Insider – my trip to Barcelona!

London Aunt and I are going and the prize value means we've got a 5* hotel in the best area, frilly flights with BA, and because that's all free, it'll mean we'll actually have the budget to enjoy ourselves, too.

I went to Barcelona last April with Miss K and loved it. Thanks to her expert knowledge of the city, I now feel as though I know my way around a bit, too.

Just gotta try and remember how to find the Absinthe bar...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Woohooooo! Barcelona ! I'm ridiculously jealous, but even more happy for you both!

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