Tuesday 5 January 2010

Hearing teeth chatter

OK, I know I talk about the weather a lot, but it's utterly freezing at the moment!

Friends in the Norf are already reporting the snow that's due to hit the capital later today, but all this cold weather is bothering me.

You see, if it continues, then Friend Who Knows Big Words might postpone her return from Vietnam, and that would be a disaster.

In fact, she's just this minute texted me to let me know it's 34 degrees and sunny in Ho Chi Minh City, and ordered me to sort out the weather and demanding a balmy spring. Here's hoping eh?!

Anyway, the noisy heating saga continues. The noise is apparently intolerable downstairs, but inaudible upstairs – even to non deaf people!

Blanco has very kindly offered to accompany downstairs this weekend to have a listen, so we can hear for ourselves if there's a newborn foal living in my pipes.

It's insanely frustrating to deal with, but in the grand scheme of things it could be worse!

I mean, I could have no heating rather than heating that's allegedly noisy – and that would not only be expensive but rather hideous, too...

And on the subject of no heating, my new bus route to work has just that!

When I went on it in the summer, after visiting London Aunt, it was boiling, with hot air streaming through the heating vents.

And today? Nothing!

I'm sure there's a logical explanation such as in summer the hot air is channelled away from the engine to keep it cool or something, but it seems a little bonkers that in summer we're baked, and in winter we're transported in something the resembles a supermarket chiller cabinet.

Seriously, there's a man next to me, and his teeth are chattering, audibly! And if I can hear it, it must be bad!!!!


Miss Brodie said...

Obviously an international problem. I made exactly the same observation on my way to the lycée this morning!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy those pipes! Hope you get it sorted. Tell her to buy ear plugs!

florissant fish said...

Hope Daddy can deal with your problemo!
Medium Blanco

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