Wednesday 13 January 2010

Not hearing at the pub quiz

Today I woke up to a thick blanket of white enveloping my little area of west London.

It was perfect, thick, white sticky snow.

All ideal conditions to wake up to on the weekend. But not on a Wednesday when work is a priority.

So anyway, I made my way to the bus stop, slipping and sliding with the other commuters and waited.

The traffic was busy, the snow was coming down and some poor lady's car decided now was the perfect time to break down. Right by our bus stop.

So a couple of us stepped in to push it to the side of the road for her. Except she got out to push, too.

And left the handbrake on. So it wouldn't move.

Then she took the handbrake off but didn't get back in. So we pushed it without anyone steering or being in control of the brakes!


Anyway, it all turned out fine and I am now on my bus into town.

I have no idea what the weather is like at this very moment as the bus is so steamed up it's impossible to tell. But fingers crossed my journey will be trouble free.

Anyway last night, I ventured out to see Gingerbread Man and Swedish Girly. We just went to our local pub as I've not been feeling fabulous recently, and had a post-New-Year catch up.

While there, a guy came around asking people if they wanted to enter the quiz. Why not? We thought, with GBman promising to relay the questions to me.

Round 1 however was a complete disaster! It was excerpts from radio shows and by listening to the voice and subject matter, you had to guess who it was! Erm...

Well, as you can guess I was a whole lot of use! But then GBman went and spoke to the quiz master who offered to play it to me with headphones on the MP3 player.

I didn't have the heart to tell him it wouldn't help that much but did it anyway, with GBman sharing them to see if we could get a better idea. And he did, which was a relief.

And do you know what? We did OK in the quiz... we didn't win, but we were only 6 points behind the winner, partly due to our appalling knowledge of rap songs and English bands...

And in spite of me not being able to hear anything, we had a very successful relay of questions going on, and I think I may have even helped get a few of them right...

What's more, I had a great time, which I never normally associate with pub quizzes. I mean, I know a lot of useless information, but it's the hearing bit I fall down on.

So, bring on the next one I say!


Anonymous said...

Thursday in the Dolphin bring cupcakes

Me said...

ha! Will see what I can do! :-D but it is a little snowy right now!

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