Thursday 7 January 2010

Thinking about this cold spell

Yesterday, after watching the snowflakes hurtle down at quite an alarming rate in central London, our office was shut early and we got sent home.

Today, there are no snowflakes, but instead, an icy sheen on the pavements, empty gritters passing by my bus, and people taking baby steps as they make their way to work.

Today I am wearing socks with toes, to see if that makes a difference to my freezing feet and, as I dashed out the door, I thrust on a red fleecy neck gaiter that comes right up over my nose. I look a little bonkers but I don't care, I'm warm.

Throughout the UK, everything is broken because of the snow. Flights are cancelled, roads are closed, and schools are shut. And it got me thinking, how do they do it in countries that are always this cold? I mean, schools can't always be shut can they? And there are flights in and out of snowy places all the time.

If this cold Artic winter is set to be a trend over here for many years to come, or indeed as Pa say, the next Ice Age is coming, then perhaps we should have a rethink about who's in charge here. For the next general election, let's get a Canadian running, let's have an Icelandic Mayor (are we speaking to each other yet?) and let's have our train companies run by people from the Trans Siberian Railway.

Of course, I am purely speculating for fun and this probably isn't a very good idea.

But things can't get any worse, can they?

So surely anything's worth a try.


Idunn said...

Hey DG :)
I'm a Norwegian girl following your blog. I'm studying Norwegian sign language and interpretation, and I find your blog very interesting and entertaining! =)

Now, I must comment on this post, seeing as I actually live in a country that has this kind of weather every winter. I admit that I'm a little amused when I watch the news about the "extreme" weather in UK these days. Because it's not extreme at all compared to here. My brother is studying in Wales atm, and he laughed his head off when his school closed because of a few snow flakes in the air.

I'm not mocking you at all, it's just unusual for me ;) And you are right, everything goes on as normal here, even though it's 40 cm snow on the ground and -30 degrees out. But then again, Norway has the right equipment to handle snowy weather, UK probably don't. Also, we have had this weather every winter since forever, so we're used to walking on ice, putting A LOT of clothes on when we go outside and so on... It's just same procedure as last year ;) That being said, I get cold sooo easily that I don't think I'm built for Norwegian winters.

Wow, longest comment ever. Sorry about that :P Keep on blogging, I really enjoy following you. I have a dream about learning BSL and working as an interpreter in UK sometime, because I absolutely adore your country! So feel free to give me some tips about that ;)

From Norglish girl =)

Me said...

Great comments – thank you so much and very happy to hear you like my blog. It made me laugh about your poor brother being in Wales where everything is broken – the weather must seem so mild for him. 40cm of snow and -30 degrees in the UK and nothing would happen!!!!!!

If you email me at I can give you some info on BSL and stuff if you like, such as useful websites and things?

Best wishes

Liz said...

It gets me how this country is still at a stand still when it comes to snow. You'd think something would change now. Schools should not be closing etc...etc... If other countries can still keep movin. Then why can't we.

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