Tuesday 12 January 2010

DG's Tuesday rant!

Today, I am sat on the bus being driven slightly insane by the man sat next to me.

He’s talking very loudly on his mobile phone, smells atrocious and keeps scratching himself in unmentionable places.

It’s making me wish I was hurtling along on the underground, and that’s quite something, as I bloomin’ hate the thing!

Another thing that’s making me wish I was on the underground is the number of New Year road works that have popped up around the capital – they are driving me insane, as nothing can actually drive.

It’s been in the news a lot lately how apparently this is all Thatcher’s fault...

Something to do with privatisation in the 80s and giving firms way too much power to just go digging up roads.

But what I don’t understand is why are people wasting time blaming someone who hasn’t been in charge for a good many years, instead of making changes. If Thatcher had the power to change stuff, doesn’t our current Government have the power to change stuff back?

London Aunt once said to me that in the time that you can moan about something, you can probably have fixed the thing you’re moaning about. And although when applying this to laws, Government and local authorities, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but surely it’s a start? No?

So Boris Johnson knows why the roads are being dug up, but what’s he doing about making it more organised and less disruptive? In last night’s Evening Standard, all he did was say how frustrating he was by the texts from his mates moaning about delays...

Well imagine my frustration that this is the only thing about the situation that seemingly bothers him! Right now, I am stuck in stationary traffic due to road works. I have a mad man who is shouting down the phone and still seems to have an unspeakable itch, and I have a headache from hearing his voice droning on and on and on. And I am deaf!

So Boris, while I don’t have your mobile number to text you direct, if you’re reading, please ban talking on mobiles on buses, road works during rush hour – or road works full stop (or at least get the utility companies to coordinate when they’re digging up the roads) – and this one just in, people who park in the bus lane.

Thank you, thank you very much!


Liz said...

Good topic, and spot on.

mervynjames224 said...

I can put you onto a site that will sell you a 'jammer' for mobile phones ! when they can get no response they will shut up ! These people are ignorant and often loud and hostile, I know where I'd put his mobile.... I've just had a thought, why not put Boris in the holes in the road and tarmac him over ? This is the London Mayor who opposes disability rights...

Kelly said...

I sat opposite the same guy. Stank of onions and curry, burped audibly, breathing noxious fumes over me and scratched himself visibly.

Disgusting article he was. After the burp I gave him my best withering look, got up and sat at another seat.

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