Monday 25 January 2010

Reggae Reggae Sauce for Big Bro

Phew, where did the weekend go?

Seems like only yesterday I was excitedly heading for Heathrow airport to meet Big Bro. And now he's back in Holland.


We had a great weekend though, catching up, walking around the city, eating a delicious curry, meeting up with GBman and Swedish Girly, and getting muddy along the river path looking for the bridge that was, ‘just around the corner!’

In the end Big Bro got out TomTom on his iPhone, which proved the bridge was anything but just around the corner!

Cue, lots of slipping and sliding back along the river the way we came, with me wondering how I have lived here for seven years and not worked out the lack of bridges yet!

In the light of him not having English food readily available, I stocked up on his arrival with his favourite things:

Sausages, bacon, HP sauce, peanut butter, muffins, crumpets...

…and erm, at his request, Reggae Reggae Sauce!!

I tried to make him eat as much of the food as possible as I don't really have sausages and bacon – or Reggae Reggae Sauce on a regular basis, but there's still a fair amount left!

Looks like I'm having Reggae Reggae Sauce sausage casserole tonight then!


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Anonymous said...

I'll be there

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