Monday 4 January 2010

Deaf hip hop!

Whoop, today I am going back to work after a rather long break, and I can't wait.

OK, so I would have liked to stay in bed longer, but with a welcoming blue sky and sunshine outside the window, I felt inspired to start the day with a spring in my step, which I certainly did when I stepped outside and realised it was more than just a little freezing!!!!

Anyway, yesterday I went to see a brilliant hip hop show at The Barbican called Pied Piper and I absolutely loved it. It was especially good because, being a dance show, I didn't need to hear anything, although I did hear the thumping bass quite a lot.

It helped cement my New Year's resolution to get out there and see more visual theatre, to make the arts work for me, rather than lament when things aren't subtitled.

There's another dance show taking place on the South Bank that I've heard about... I'll go there next I think!


florissant fish said...

Do you know when the next peformancee is ???

Me said...

Hello, I think it's finished now, but there's another show on at the Southbank, so maybe check that out.

Anonymous said...

Come see things in Paris!! I have lots of ballet tickets for the opera, and mustard boy is getting bored of my girly stuff! (flamenco show tomorrow)

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