Wednesday 6 January 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

All around the UK this morning there's chaos caused by snow...

Just up the M40, High Wycombe has seen 20cm of snow, and motorists were forced to sleep on the A3 after terrible weather there.

And here in our little micro climate of zone 2? Snow? What snow?! OK, so there's a small smattering on the ground, and the overland tube near me has stopped working, but apart from that, it's like any other normal day, except I left for work early as the BBC led me to believe conditions were apocalyptic.

And, I'm sure they are in some places, just not here.

Regular readers will remember that last time London has loads of snow, Jenny M and I ended up making tea and coffee for 26 stranded bus drivers on the Fulham Road. It was brilliant fun as apart from the frustrations of being stuck, the atmosphere was quite party like.

I know I wasn't alone in hoping for a similar scenario today, where the weather is so bad you can't get into work, not where the weather gets so bad during the day, you can't get home from work, which according to the BBC is a much more likely scenario.

And so, I'm equipped. As my fellow Blogger Miss Brodie says of herself, "I'm an Inuit", that's exactly the look I'm going for today, because if I do get stuck in London and am forced to walk home, I wanna be warm in the process.

So with 6 layers, a giant bobble hat, reindeer gloves and big boots, I'm on my way. Beside me is a woman wearing 3inch heels and a very fashionable coat...

I feel ridiculous, so it better jolly well snow now!


Anonymous said...

Tigger jumpped out the door this morning into a snow drift that wasn't there. ouch

Anonymous said...

glad gloves are still going strong!

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