Thursday 19 February 2009

Good morning, bad morning

I have news: we have New Neighbours

I have bad news: After this morning they will hate me already, and this is why…

6am: Wake up feeling a little dry-mouthed after a lovely dinner with Clever Katie last night. Wander into kitchen missing the step and landing with a bang. Kitchen is above New Neighbour 1's bedroom – blindness and deafness first thing does not an elegant girl make.

6.03am: Turn on tap in kitchen and water comes out with a lunge, bang and wheeze – am pretty sure that for hearing people there's a high-pitched wailing accompanying it.

6.30am: Fall up the stairs with mug of tea and toast while trying to balance a glass of water in crook of arm. Wall now tastefully decorated with green tea and jam, New Neighbours privy to the crashes and colourful language uttered.

6.31am: Make mental note to self to use trays more often

6.40am: Attempt to tiptoe round room and succeed in slamming cupboard, getting drawer stuck and wrestling with it while it makes a weird grinding sound and covers my floor in sawdust.

6.41am: More colourful language

7am: Shower curtain falls down in bath – thankfully not while I am in there and makes a resounding crash that even I can hear. New Neighbours will definitely hear this.

7.01am: Pray that New Neighbours are a) also deaf b) at work already c) not already on their way upstairs to shout at me.

And so my morning continued in this similar fashion. I tripped over a pair of boots, sent my hairdryer flying in quite an impressive fashion and slammed the front door with excessive force when my scarf got caught in the letterbox. Cue more colourful language as I stomped downstairs only to miss the only working bus in South West London, forcing me to get on a rubbishy slow one with no subtitles to explain to me why we pointlessly sat at every bus stop for HALF AN HOUR.

*deep breath in
*deep breath out

But what's weird is that I love mornings, I am normally a morning person – perhaps tomorrow will be better...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh dear, living beneath you must be quite an experience. are you awaiting NEW NEIGHBOURS?

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