Friday 5 February 2010

Thankful Friday

Phew, today is Thankful Friday!

Thank goodness!

After a week of being rushed off my feet, I am heading up norf to see The Rents and then on Sunday I am going to be a godmother – to Frenchie.

Frenchie is Northern Boy's little brother – he was born in France, by accident, in the summer and it's an honour to be able to have such an important role in his life.

This week sees the retirement of Pinkberry, too. It's the end of a very successful love affair that I wasn't all that happy to end – but with a shonky battery, even shonkier roller ball and general decripidness in every other area, I reckoned it was time for an upgrade.

And for once, I have followed the crowd – which I can guarantee Snowboarding Boy will not be happy about – I have ordered an iPhone!

I have to say, O2 have really improved in the 18 months since I last got an upgrade. You can now upgrade online, clicking buttons and selecting call plans and everything. You don't HAVE to make a single phone call, which from a deaf person's point of view is utterly brilliant. But it does mean the days of excessive haggling are most deafinitely over. But then with the iPhone, I don't think haggling is actually an option anyway!

If I am honest, I do have some reservations already – about the lack of keys, the durability of it in the hands of the world's clumsiest person, and the size of it, and of course that it's my first non-pink phone in quite some time.

But I will give this amazing popular gadget a go and see if I become a convert.

For me, what I look for in a phone these days is good access to text messaging, emails and internet, and on researching it, the iPhone really did seem to offer me all that. When asking AW, who has one, what he felt the cons were the other day, he simply replied that it wasn't very good as a phone. But a phone is the very last thing I need it as, so I guess that's alright.

I can only hope that I can resist from buying every application I come across – although I will almost certainly be buying Scrabble the moment the battery is charged.

The only thing that remains to be seen is how easy it is to blog from...

so I guess you'd better watch this space.


Unknown said...

Hi DG,

I am sure you will love the iPhone, I have had one for almost a year, and the email, txt and web are all fab.

on the apps, there are hundreds of free ones, so you can play and see if you like them before buying the full version (if you feel you must) but this is not necessary in so many cases.

The Phone is ok, I use mine a lot, but the quality of the signal can be an issue, and this can effect all your use.

With all the covers and cases, I am sure you will fine a pretty pink one



Sam said...

can most definitely recommend an iphone - have had mine for about eight months and love, love, love it!!

Deborah said...

I especially like the Dragon's (Voice-to-Text) Dictation; click on it to record someone talking. When done, it will process and give you a pretty good idea of what that person was saying. It's free too!

Knettergek said...

Where your Rents live is far from being 'up norf' - it could be described as Northern Home Counties!!!
Re the iPhone, I understand that you have solved its non-pink hue by purchasing a garish metallic purple cover, so we shall still see you coming!

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