Thursday 22 July 2010

Fighting a losing battle?

Yesterday was a sad day for me, as it symbolised my surrender in a fight that quite simply was unwinnable at this moment in time.

Waiting for me on the doormat last night was a letter - and not just any old letter, but a letter from my audiologist informing my gym that despite being deaf, this does not make it any more likely that i will drop a dumbbell on my head any time soon.

And today, I will hand that letter in when I go for my induction.

However, this does not mean I have given up without a fight. It just means that I am not willing to risk being banned from the gym with just one month to go before Gym Buddy’s wedding. I will fight while exercising. And now I have the doctor’s note, I am actually quite tempted to drop a dumbbell on my head, just to prove that having a doctor’s note won’t actually prevent me from doing this.

Anyway, tonight I have a Legs Bums and Tums class, which is going to hurt, as my calf muscles still feel insanely sore from my Body Combat Class earlier in the week. But as the saying goes, there’s no gain without pain.


Let’s see what hurts the most tomorrow shall we…

My legs, bum, tum or head from dropping the dumbbell on it.

I shall let you know!


Anonymous said...

You had to get a note from your audiologist for the gym? Because you are deaf? That's a first for me.


Anonymous said...

this whole thing is stupid. I'll just keep going to annoy them. And have all my deaf friends sign up too. I wouldn't give them any notes on deafness. It's too ridiculous.Next thing I know, I have to have a deaf card to show to everyone so I can get accommodated.

there are all kinds of people who can hear but can't understand. They shouldn't be discriminated either.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you live. In America, this is against American with Disabilities Act. Tell them to be sure to check with their lawyer because if they don't drop this ridiculous demand, you'll be taking legal action against them. Just hearing these words often will make them think twice, especially if they contact their lawyer.

I like your idea of having all your deaf friends sign up :)


(e said...

Wait, what? I don't understand. Can you explain why you are banned from the gym? Is it because you are deaf? If so, I have never heard of that happening. That's stupid of them. And what is this nonsense about dropping a dumbell on your head? Did they tell you that they are afraid that this will happen to you?

Sorry, just confused, can you provide more information?



Deafinitely Girly said...

Hello! DG here! Thank u for all your comments re this issue. The gym said because i ticked a box on the health form that said I was deaf, I needed a doctors note. When asked to clarify, thinking it might be to do with hearing fire alarms they said, no, it was because i had to show proof that as a deaf person I was medically safe to exercise. Mad, I know. I said I wouldn't provide this and they said i couldn't exercise without it. I contacted the EHRC and they said the gym must provide proof that it might be dangerous for me otherwise it is discrimination. I have since been there today for my induction and I think they may have forgotten about everything as they didn't ask me for the note. So I haven't given it to them. The dumbbell on my head was a joke! I have no intention of maiming myself... Not even to prove a point! Teehee! Hopefully they will continue to forget their bizarre request and I can get on with getting fit in peace! Thanks for reading guys DG x

Anonymous said...

They still haven't prove why it is medically unsafe. They should tell you why before you give them your notes. If you find their reasons as ridculous and ignorant, I don't think you should give them the note.

The only thing I'm thinking of why they want a note because of some diseases that caused a person's deafness.

Anonymous said...

Then again, If there are medical issues that caused deafness and need a doctor's approval that excercise is safe for them, they should list those medical issues instead of "deaf"

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