Friday 11 September 2009

Computer says what?

Just yesterday morning I was thinking how long overdue an embarrassing deafness moment was.

Funny how when you think about something it happens, eh?

So, there I was, in Sainsbury's garage paying for petrol. The cash people in there are always really friendly. They always ask you how you are, how your day was going, how your job is, etc, etc, etc before telling you how much your bill is, so I was desperately trying to work out what my cashier would say first.

She said it.

I said pardon.

She said it again.

I said pardon, again.

And so it went on. And on repetition number 5, I worked out she was simply telling me my bill.

She was frustrated, so I immediately told her about my deafness. She was less frustrated.

I was embarrassed but dealing with it, until...

A big burly bloke to the right of me piped up, ‘That was like watching an episode of Little Britain, that was.’

Hmmmm, what a lovely thing to be compared to. Let me see, was I the ‘Computer says no!’ woman? Vicky Pollard? The laydeeee?

Seriously, I struggled not to see red and hit him with the bar of Green & Blacks I’d bought for NikNak

But then, I really don't like confrontation, but I did feel like saying, ‘Oi, you no!’ particularly as by then, the entire rush-hour queue of shoppers were all eagerly listening in.

So instead, I smiled sweetly and merely said, ‘Really? Well, that would be hilarious, except it's not, because I am actually deaf.’

To which he looked a bit shifty, and then before I could help it, I added some smart Alec comment about computer saying no, and marched out of the shop.


I just don’t know when to stop somtimes.

But it was a relief to know that some of my feistiness I was lamenting about losing recently is back!

That can only be a good thing, yes?


Big Bro said...

He probably just saw "Blonde" and assumed...... ;)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Oh dear, nothing like having an audience for an embarassing moment. Thank goodness for blogs where we can share these private moments and no one will ever know. :)

Me said...

haha! it's very therapeutic that many of the people reading this have been through something similar... whereas yesterday I just felt like a prized idiot! :-D
have a great weekend

Lovely Freelancer said...

Losing your feisty nature?! Never!

Anonymous said...

Glad feistiness is back but always remember we have a hidden disability and he may be really didn't mean to upset you. he probably felt like curling up and dying!

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