Monday 14 September 2009

Dreaming's all I do…

Last night I didn't sleep – I dreamt! It was the kind of dreams that are exhausting – that require you to participate.

In just 6 hours, I went to a wedding, was in a ski resort, had a blazing row with someone I really love, and confronted a face from the past.

It was like I'd stepped into an episode of Eastenders written by someone who'd had a few to many drugs that day.

When I shut something, or someone, away with no hope of resolve or sometimes no attempt at resolve, it always comes back to me either in my dreams or through strangers on the street.

In the dreams it's more obvious, that person is right there. In reality, that person appears in the faces or even the back of the heads of random people walking by, and instantly I’m reminded of them.

I sometimes wonder if that's why I'm always fully hearing in my dreams. Is it because I've shut my hearing away without any resolve so the only place it can crop up is in a dream world?

Recently, my dreams have been very busy. Maybe I'm shutting a lot of things away. Or maybe my mind is so full, there's no room for anything else.

I am a bit busy right now, that's deafinitely true. And, maybe there are a lot of unresolved things in my life. But I can't fix that right now. So, I'm going to delegate and see if my dream persona can sort things out better than the real-life me...

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