Wednesday 30 September 2009

Two deaf people, an intercom, and a smashing good time

Haha ahem...

Last night I had a smashing time at Fab Friend’s place. Quite literally, but I’ll come to that in a minute.

Both exhausted by busy schedules at work, we decided to ditch climbing in favour of pizza and a gossip – putting calories in, not out – and I popped around there after work.

Now, Fab Friend lives on a really busy road and there’s an entry buzzer to get in. I can never hear the person at the other end, and Fab Friend, being deaf, too, can’t either.

So last night I buzzed the buzzer and waited, on tip toes with my ear pressed up against the buzzer speaker.


Little did I know, upstairs Fab Friend was in the kitchen thinking, ‘Did I just hear the buzzer?’

So I waited, and then I wondered, ‘Did I just hear Fab Friend?’

I yelled ‘Hello?’

She yelled, ‘Hello?’…

…and then, with no successful result, I wrote her a text to tell her I was outside.

The door opened!

Anyway, after pizza, we put some strawberries in a bowl for pudding and began to make our way upstairs to the lounge. As I was leaning over the dining table to pick up my bag, the bowl of strawberries in my hand slipped.

Not sure why, but I thought it would be a good idea to drop everything to catch the bowl.

Except I didn’t so much as drop everything, I hurled everything. And in my left hand, was a large glass of orange squash.

Smash! Went everything!

The bowl went one way, the glass the other, the contents of both, everywhere!

Fab Friend by this time was in the lounge, so she hadn’t heard the commotion. All she got to see was my mortified face peaking up the stairs and me mouthing, I’ve just broken EVERYTHING, while trying to dry her Nokia mobile on my dress!

She was amazing! She waved away my apologies and grabbed a tea towel, while I scrabbled around on the floor locating wayward strawberries, and soon enough everything was restored to order.

It was the clumsiest thing I’ve done for quite a while, quite possibly since I broke every single one of Ma’s six white serving dishes when I was at home in August. Another smashing time, which saw cats running for cover at the noise and even had me putting my fingers in my ears, which seeing as I was meant to be holding the dishes, may have made the whole thing worse.

Think I’d better stick to melamine from now on!


Anonymous said...

Hi DG,

A very good post, sitting laughing at the though of you with your fingers in your ears when your meant to be holding the dishes

Fab Friend is truely a fab friend



Anonymous said...

Still lamenting loss of serving dishes!! Hope fab friend's carpets are ok!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

That buzzer story would make a good video.

Sam said...

tee hee - very amusing!!! By the way were you driving that big purple superdrug bus I passed on the motorway this evening!? ;-)

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