Friday 25 September 2009

Hurrah! It's Friday

Today is Thankful Friday.

I was planning on being thankful for an impending visit from Penfold, but she’s sick and can’t come anymore.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be pig related so she should be well again soon.

Luckily however, I still have plenty of other things to be thankful for – like my tickets to London Fashion Weekend courtesy of those lovely peeps at Superdrug. I’m taking Miss K and we get a free manicure, which is great news, as my nails are looking more than a little neglected at the moment.

I’m also thankful that I am going to see Penthouse Mate and First Uni Friend this weekend…

at First Uni Friend’s wedding!

It’s 10 years since we all met in our first year at university and I really can’t believe how quickly time has flown.

First Uni Friend was my ears at university – she took the same literature modules as me and got paid a very unstudenty £10 an hour to take notes for me. Being diligent, she used to type them all up, too. She only started doing this in my third year, and all of a sudden I went from getting crap marks to brilliant marks – so you could say she saved my degree.

We share the godmotherdom of Penthouse Mate’s daughter, Miss D. She’s 3 years old and already has the sensible nature of First Uni Friend and erm… the same love of handbags and accessories as me.


I can’t wait to see her be a little bridesmaid this weekend, and know she’s going to love every minute of it.

Let’s hope I can manage to hear the ceremony and speeches, as I don’t think I can ask First Uni Housemate to take notes for me this time!

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Anonymous said...

too right you can't! Hope the day is wonderful and that you hear it all.

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