Thursday 3 September 2009

When email works…

Over dinner last night, Miss K commented about how much I talk about the weather in my blog – and do you know what, she’s right. And now, I’m thinking about weather, that means I’m most probably going to talk about it a whole lot more!

Weather is a weird one. It has the ability to dominate moods, cause mental illness and make the bottom of my trousers soggy when I get caught in the rain. It’s the thing that most people talk about after saying the words, ‘hello, how are you?, and the thing that people wish for and wish away – always wanting summer, always tired of winter – and it’s also the thing that dictates what we wear, where we go and whether I have a good or bad hair day.

Yesterday evening it rained on me a lot, so I dashed into Marks & Spencer to escape and also buy some dinner for me and Miss K. While there, I spotted the most fabulous boots and accidentally bought them, too. I blame the weather.

Then, sat on the bus, I feel asleep and almost missed my stop. I blame the weather for that, too. It was so dark because of the rain it was hard to stay awake.

You know what else is affected by weather? My hearing! When the air pressure changes, my ear pressure changes. It’s most bizarre. If it’s going to rain, I get tinnitus, if clouds arrive on a clear day, it feels like I am going up and down hills, and if it’s sunny and clear, my ears are absolutely fine.

It’s weird! Does anyone else find this? I guess my ears are kinda like a barometer.

Last night, my ears were popping, whistling and squeaking away, which meant it was still raining outside and there was no chance of a last whiff of summer around the corner!


But now, enough about the weather – I’ve much more important things to natter about. And that is the fantastically brilliant thing that happened to me while writing my Superdrug blog. My task for the week was to go to my local Superdrug store and meet the team and check it out. But after a good long think, I realised that my local Superdrug is actually the online site. So I reviewed that instead, dropping the web team a line while I was at it.

And the best part? They wrote back!

It’s amazing when email works as a speedy form of communication. It always makes me very excited when I achieve something almost as quickly as if I could use the phone. Today, I sent three emails asking for information from various different companies. In the end I asked London Aunt to sort out one of the things for me using the phone and decided to forget about the second thing. But it was so fab that Superdrug replied and the third thing was completed.

It left me grinning all day to tell you the truth. A mission accomplished. A job well done.

And now, back to the weather…

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