Tuesday 29 September 2009

The latest post ever?

I'm writing this from Fab Friend's place as she was so shocked that I didn't blog today, she's making me do it now!!!!!!!

Today's post was written as usual this morning on Pinkberry on my way to work. However, today was also Pot Luck Day. On this day, we all being a hot, cold, sweet or savoury dish to work and have a fantastic credit-crunch lunch.

This is our fourth pot luck, and every time it just keeps getting better, and more competitive! So this morning, I was up at stoopid o'clock making my couscous salad, just like Shakira Shakira used to when we lived together.

Yum, yum, yum!

However, it was so yum, that I completely forgot to upload this post at the same time as I was putting my make-up review on the Superdrugloves.com website. (check it out after)

Anyway, what's on my mind this week is the number of my friends who are telling me they think their hearing is deteriorating. Gingerbread Man thinks his has gone down quite a lot, while The Councillor was also confiding in me his concerns.

It struck me then, how incredibly scary it must be to start going deaf as an adult.

I mean, I was a teenager when a lot of my hearing disappeared, and I think my resilience and typical teenage stubborness helped me deal with it in quite a productive way... most of the time.

So in a way, I've got that initial hurdle out of the way. Sure, I will have to deal with going deafer, but it won't be as bad for me as for people who've had great hearing up until now.

But what's the best thing to say and do? Well, I always try to offer them words of reassurance and encourage them to go and get their hearing tested, because quite often hearing aids can make the world of difference and they'll get back a lot of what they lost.

It's a weird one though - I always assumed that Fab Friend and I were going to be the only deaf ones, and our hearing friends would stay hearing, but it's starting to dawn on me that we won't be... not forever anyway.

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