Thursday 24 September 2009

I'm off to Central Perk

Aaaah retail therapy – at the risk of sounding like a shallow, blonde bimbo, it really is great!


Last night I met London Aunt at Westfield in Shepherds Bush. For those of you that don’t know, it’s an ENORMOUS shopping centre, so big that it’s possible to get lost. When I took The Rents there at the weekend, not only did we get lost, but we also lost my car.

There I was wandering around the car park pressing the unlock button on my key fob hoping to see the flashing indicators of my little 107. But alas, twenty minutes later, still nothing. And then I realised I’d been looking on the wrong car park level. My car was, in fact, parked two levels below!


Westfield really is HUGE. I didn’t like it when I first visited to meet Gingerbread Man for a coffee. It seemed so vast, and it left me wide-eyed and missing the outdoors. But over time, I’ve come to appreciate its merits – it’s great for captive shopping.

So, London Aunt wanted several key pieces for her winter wardrobe. I had sussed out where I reckoned she could buy them and so I took her around the specific stores. Because there’s nowt else to do there except shop, and because you are completely unaffected by the elements, all you can really do is focus on the task in hand. And so it was mission accomplished as London Aunt got everything she needed – except from things in a size 10 from Marks & Spencer.

Has anyone else noticed a distinct lack of size 10 in M&S recently? (and there’s another question I NEVER thought I’d ask)

Anyway, I have more exciting news: a Central Perk has opened up in London, not too far from my work. It’s apparently a reproduction of the famous coffee house and has been created to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Friends. As a fan of Friends, I simply have to check it out, and while I’m there, I’m going to see if I can bag myself a real-life Chandler – he was the best guy in it, after all.


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Sam said...

I'd LOVE to visit Central Perk!! And yes Chandler was most definitely the best of the lot!!

Have only been to Westfields once, but it is certainly blooming massive!!

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