Monday 28 September 2009

What a wonderful wedding!

As I am writing this blog entry, this morning, people are hurling themselves onto my bus. The one in front was so full I couldn't get on, and this one fast following.

I never normally leave at this time but I overslept this morning and have now found myself slap bang in the middle of school rush hour.

There are children everywhere, French mainly.

On the subject of traffic, I nearly didn't have such a fabulous weekend as I had a very narrow miss with a delivery van on Friday afternoon. But for once, my hearing was not to blame.

The delivery van was!

There I was, waiting to cross the street to get to my bus stop, when a white van went past and pulled up. Just after he passed, I crossed and just as I crossed, he slammed his van into reverse at great speed, missing me so closely that I felt him brush my bag.

Thankfully, I saw his reversing lights just at the last minute and was able to leg it onto the pavement. I also heard, as I think they must have been quite loud, two guys yelling, ‘Look out!’

They were slightly grey when I turned around to thank them for warning me!

It made me very glad for my eyes for noticing the reversing lights so quickly.

In the driver’s defence, I was right behind his van, and was probably not visible in his mirrors – but the ‘what ifs’ in that scenario just don’t bear thinking about.

Anyway, this weekend was marvellous! Miss K and I went to London Fashion weekend on Saturday, which will be blogged about on, and yesterday, I went to First Uni Mate's wedding.

It was the best weather we’ve had in ages, and the most spectacular wedding I’ve ever seen.

If I'd tried to count the orchids, I'd still be there now, and if I'd gone for a stroll in the grounds of the hotel where the reception was, I'd still be there now!

It was insanely huge.

The string quartet serenaded us through dinner, while a funk band allowed for some shape throwing afterwards. A guard of honour and horse-drawn carriage created a traditionally chic feel and added some uniformed dish to the proceedings, while the amazing food left me wondering if I was in a Michelin starred restaurant and resembling a Michelin man!

I didn't want to leave, but it wasn't very local, so halfway through the shape throwing, I limped away, in my stoopid shoes, which shredded my feet to the fading sounds of the funky bass in the background.

In the grey light of day, on my cattletruck-esque bus, it all seems like a fairy tale.

Another world.

Think I'm gonna have a daydream...


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend had the same problem this morning - he reported that people in the queue adopted a mob mentality and told one poor woman she was 'too fat' to get on a crowded bus.

What is the world coming to?

Me said...

Yikes – that is scary...
That poor lady must have been mortified.

Anonymous said...

Glad your not squashed flat!

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