Tuesday 22 September 2009

When I am mayor…

This morning, one stupid idiotic woman in a stupid, idiotic car almost made me late for work.

It always amazes me how one person, who I don't even know can annoy me this much.

First she parked her humongous off-roader, essential for city living, so far away from the pavement that no bus, or car for that matter, could pass by.

She then walked her child, slowly towards school, dropped him off and returned, completely unaware of the chaos she had caused.

She then tried to ignore a diversion sign and drive through a newly pedestrianised road, holding me and everyone else up once again, when she realised she couldn't and needed to reverse back.


She wasted five minutes of my morning, when I could have been making tea, catching up on work, having a nap, all because she can't park properly and she insists on driving a massive car.

OK, so this is all a bit judgemental, but I'm a big fan of rush hour protocol. And here's how it goes:

Thou shalt not speak to the bus driver at stops asking him for directions and other such things that you could get from an A-Z and waste valuable time. Particularly not when the bus is packed and this allows more people to dive into the melee.

Thou shalt not park your buggy taking up maximum room and then remove your baby and put her on a seat beside you taking up two seats and the standing room space of four people, when other passengers are face to armpit in the gangway.

Thou shalt not cross the road cappuccino in hand when the flashing man is red causing my bus to break so violently the front row of people headbutt the glass.

Thou shalt not see bus lanes as parking bays for dropping off your spoilt brat children, making deliveries, making a phone call.

Thou shalt not assume your massive designer handbag needs a seat more than a real life person and huff and puff when asked to remove it.

You see, it doesn't take much!

Hmmmm perhaps I should run for mayor...


Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm massive designer handbag! Yours sits quietly on your lap like any well behaved bag should do. Now i know why i live in the country 4 miles from my work. My only problem is the odd escaped sheep or bunny trying to cross the road.

Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, its not always easy to take your child out, sit them safely and put the buggy down on a moving bus. It is especially unhelpful when people (like you) glare and tut - you *could* offer to help....

I think you need more tolerance! Its not like you to be mean - did you get out of bed the wrong side?

Me said...

If someone needs help I will give it – if a mother looked harrassed, worried, upset, or embarrassed, I would step in and help.

My bugbear is with the women who happily take up the space with their buggy, who happily get their child out, who happily put them on the seat beside them and are happily oblivious to everyone else around them.

I don't like seeing anyone feeling stressed or unhappy, particularly not mums, who have enough to worry about without feeling attacked by others. But the mum I was describing is certainly not that mum.

Anonymous said...

I think those seats are there for those less able than others - eg the eldery, disabled and parents with small children.

Again, not easy to get your child out, sit them safely, return to buggy, collapse it whilst trying to keep eye on child all on a speeding shaky bus. I'd like to see you try. Alas my son is too old for a buggy now and can be controlled with bribery. If I could I'd lend you my two nieces aged 3 and 1 and stick you on a bus in rush hour with them and their mahoosive buggy and see how you fair....then see if you still feel the same way about the woman on the bus.

Its not as if you *need* the seat - you are able bodied and perfectly capable of standing. She, with a buggy and a child is a bit hindered, no?

Me said...

Thanks for reposting...

I quite agree – I don't need that seat and I never sit in the ones meant for less able-bodied people even if they are free, as I am able bodied and usually travelling alone without a buggy or suitcase.

My only issue with buggies on buses is when the buggy takes up the standing room of four people, a baby takes up one seat and the mother the other in rush hour – this is when it's frustrating as you can't even get on as a standing passenger. I never suggested that the mother should attempt to fold her buggy as I've always thought this was a slightly unrealistic expectation.
Ta muchly

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