Wednesday 23 September 2009

Gimme subtitles please!

Last night I had a first attempt at making the sugar-paste rosebuds for the top of the cupcakes for Niknak's wedding.

They're quite hard to create, but after 20 attempts, I at last had something that looked like a rose rather than a messy blob of sugar paste.

Having never made sugar-paste rosebuds before, I had a little Google to see what came up. And do you know? There are loads of videos on YouTube showing you how to make them.

This is great, but it left me hankering after subtitles, so I could read along as well as watch.

Anyone know of any subtitled sugar craft videos? (Now, that's a question I never thought I'd ask!!!!)

Other things I wish were subtitled that aren't, are exercise DVDs. I quite like doing these and they're cheaper than a gym membership, but they never ever have subtitles.

This means that I never really know what's going on.

Sure, I can follow the actions, but I miss the instructor tips and when doing anything that's meant to involve looking at the floor, I can't as I need to watch what happens next.

I think the muscle I work hardest during these DVDs is the one in my neck, as I'm always craning it to see what's going on, and when I don’t know what’s going on I look like a newborn foal who’s been at the Baileys – arms and legs flailing everywhere.

I know if there were subtitles, I'd still have to crane my neck to read them. But after a few times, I'd probably remember that the instructor said, breathe here, and don't forget to clench those butt cheeks... or what ever it is they say.

I wanna know when to clench my butt cheeks...


I want subtitles on my exercise DVDs.


Sam the Deaf said...

it would be nice that we would able to be aware of what to doing.

I think of myself play soccer when I was kid, I don't have anyone to interpret for me and had coach give a good look at me and help to doing something.

Fight them, bring subtitle!

Sam said...

oh god yes! I want to know when to clench my butt cheeks too!! ;-)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Check out my blog, DG. This is quite the coincidence. I posted today about a new website that captions YouTube videos on request.
Visit the forum at to learn more.

Anonymous said...

Nice post, on a subject that has always bothered me.

I've been a captioner for over ten years, and in that time I've captioned loads of episodes of "Aerobics Oz Style" as well as some exercise DVDs by Cher and Claudia Schiffer. So captioned exercise vids do exist, although it tends to be only those with potentially huge sales that get captioned.

But what bothers me is - as you say - the problem of not being able to read the captions whilst exercising. I'd be interested to hear more perspectives on the subject, and if you do track down a captioned DVD you must let us know how you get on!

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