Wednesday 9 September 2009

When hearing on the bus is bad

My Ma has a mantra, it goes like this:

‘When one door closes another opens.’

When I'm frustrated she tells me this to remind me that it's not always time to lose hope.

I like that.

Recently however, it feels like I've stumbled drunk into a revolving door, which keeps spitting me out at sporadic intervals.

The good news about it being a revolving door however, is that I can get straight back in if I don't like the view.

Anyway, last night I met up with Fab Friend and had a fab evening – we were in the local pub, the view was dark. On Saturday she's going on a yoga, mountain biking climbing retreat in Switzerland, which I am most impressed about.

She's living proof that deaf people can do yoga, but I think she found the best way to do it was by having private lessons.

I did yoga once and found it so hard to lipread that I actually came out more stressed than when I came in. If Zen had been a solid object, I think I would have hurled it out of the window.

I think it's because I do not find closing my eyes relaxing, I find it restricting.

However, it is not thinking of yoga poses that is making me want to throw my Zen out of the window today, it's my talking bus!

Now, these are a great idea. They also have subtitles, which scroll on a screen at the front of the top deck. But this morning my bus driver is giving more messages that ET would if he were drunk dialling.

So far the bus has declared no less than 10 times that there's to be no standing on the upper deck or stairs, but no one is! Oop, make that 11.

It's also said the same amount of times that people should move down inside the bus. It's like being back at school with a bossy teacher. Next it'll probably tell us to sit down cross-legged with our finger on our lips.

It's like white noise. I'm not sure if I can take it any longer. Why do I hear the worst things in the world and not the best?! Why did I get the frequencies of the bus woman and not the violin?

Think I'm gonna walk!


Sam said...

hm - I tried yoga once myself but ended up with a crick in the neck as I tried to do the poses and lipread at the same time!! Will have to consider private teaching if I want to do yoga at all!! ;-)

SpeakUp Librarian said...

Oooh,that does sound annoying. Hopefully they'll make some adjustments to the system so it won't keep repeating itself over and over. Can you leave a comment at the bus web site?

Deaf yoga - that would be awesome.

Knettergek said...

My version of your Ma's saying is:
As one door shuts, another one SLAMS in your face!

Anonymous said...

As you say at least the door is revolving. one day the view will be just perfect!

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